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Aimlabs 1.3.2 Patch Notes

The latest update for Aimlabs includes a Universal Sens Finder, Heatmaps & Trends, and Friends Only Leaderboards!

Universal Sens Finder – Find the right sens for every individual Task!

We all know there’s no such thing as one “perfect sens”. Sensitivity isn’t one size fits all, your optimal sens is both game and Task dependent, on a large variety of factors like target size/speed. Universal Sens Finder finds your optimal sensitivity on a per-Task basis. For example, that means your optimal sens for Gridshot vs Sixshot is likely to be very different!
For any Task, track your performance on different sensitivities to find what sens range you peak at. When enabled, Universal Sens Finder intelligently changes your sensitivity as you play, guiding you towards the sensitivity you consistently perform the best on.

All Aimlabs+ members now have instant access to Universal Sens Finder, which can be used on any Task and any aim category – Flicking, Tracking, and Switching!

If you aren’t a member yet, you can still access our Flick Optimizer for free – to help you find a comfortable sensitivity for Flicking specifically. Both Universal Sens Finder and Flick Optimizer are now accessible in our new Analyze Tab. When using Universal Sens Finder, Aimlabs+ members can also easily keep track of all of their historical sens data in the new Analyze Tab.

Heatmaps – Reveal your aim strengths & weaknesses!

Don’t know why you keep missing? Heatmaps offer a new way to gain deep insights into how you’re actually aiming. With Heatmaps, reveal exactly where you were most and least accurate, all in relation to the target. Pinpoint the precise location and frequency of your hits and misses, to quickly learn about the directional strengths and weaknesses in your aim. Use Heatmaps to visually diagnose over or under Flicking, over correcting or trailing in Tracking & Switching, and general aim shakiness.

In order to improve, you have to first know where to improve. We are happy to announce that Heatmaps are free, to aid all Aimlabs players in their personal aim improvement! Find them in the Movement Analysis section of the Insights Tab on Results Screens.

Trends – Dive deep into advanced data & track your long term progression!

We heard you. Much like Heatmaps, Trends bring back old Results Screen features from the past that were missed by many, but in a fresh and exciting new way.

With Trends, we’ve reimagined the Advanced Tab that was present on old Results Screens, bringing back advanced data to default Aimlabs Tasks like Time to Kill, Reaction Time, Average Time On, and more. On top of that, we now also support advanced data Trends like Time Per Kill, Targets Killed, Total Shots, etc on all Tasks, not just default Aimlabs Tasks.
Tracking your long term aim journey helps you see how far you’ve risen, and how far you can still climb. We’ve added popout functionality to Trend graphs so you can finally view your long term progression, with filters for Week, Month, Year, and even All-Time! Every single data point on these graphs can also be clicked, to instantly view the respective Replay.

And that’s not all. We’re also very excited to introduce Average Lines to Trend graphs! With just a glance, you can now easily track your current performance in comparison to your average performance, in any Task, for any metric, over a time period of your choice.

As promised, Trends are free for all Aimlabs players! Find them next to Movement Analysis on the Results Screen.

Friends Only Leaderboards – Push your Aimlabs friends to new heights!

Friends Only Leaderboards finally support your Aimlabs friends! In the past, support was limited to Steam friends only. Be sure to add all your friends on Aimlabs to keep track of their performance on your favorite Tasks, and motivate each other to beat each other’s scores!

Incoming Updates

  • Ranked Season 2!
  • Exciting new in-game events!
  • An entirely new core experience in Aimlabs!
  • Much much more!

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