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Awesome New Customization Options

New Profile Pictures + Banners, Animated Weapon Skins + Targets, & updated HUD!

Blaze your own trail and freeze the competition with our brand new Scorched + Frostbite Packs

We are excited to introduce our first-ever Legendary Packs! What makes them so legendary?

  • Become unforgettable with two new Profile Pictures + Banners, ensuring that you’ll stand out from the crowd on Leaderboards.
  • Train in style with four new animated Weapon Skins – with special VFX when you shoot.
  • Add some excitement to your training with two new animated Target Skins to match.
  • Flex on your Leaderboard rivals with two new Player Titles – are you On Fire, or Cold-Blooded?

And if you’re an Aimlabs+ member, grab our new Legendary Scorched + Frostbite Packs for half-off, along with the rest of the Shop! Profile Pictures, Banners, and Titles are now also directly purchasable from the Shop.

Reimagined HUD

As part of our ongoing updates to the Aimlabs UI, we’ve reimagined the HUD you see when inside a Task. With a sleek and modernized new look, more readable text, and a new visualization that syncs to the timer, our new HUD is sure to elevate your aim training experience!

Squashed Bugs

  • Disabled Muzzle Flash FX in Replays to make them easier to view
  • Updated Near-Miss Record Insight on Results Screen to calculate optimal pace more relevantly
  • Revisited issue where players could get a score of -2147484000 for custom variants of Microshot and Spidershot
  • Revisited issues that prevented logging into Aimlabs even if there’s a Steam service outage
  • Removed Practice Mode from Edit Loadout menu (you can still log out to bypass scores going to Leaderboards)
  • Various other minor bug fixes

Incoming Updates

  • A brand new Aimlabs+ feature that works for any game
  • Results Screen updates that let you take a deeper dive into your performance
  • Much much more!

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