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Aimlabs 1.3 Patch Notes

Common bugs we fixed, reported by you

  • You should now be able to login to Aimlabs even if there’s a Steam service outage
  • Fixed various stuttering issues when playing Tasks
  • Player Avatars are now supported on Mini Leaderboards in the Training Tab
  • Ranked Tasks Leaderboards are fully viewable on Ranked Season Homepage again
  • Original/Holographic Targets are now visible again when customizing them in Target Settings
  • Results Screen no longer registers hotkeys when searching Leaderboards
  • Fixed some players loading into empty Tasks and being stuck on “Click to Begin”
  • Getting a score of -2147484000 for custom variants of Microshot and Spidershot has been fixed
  • Fixed being unable to add/view friends or initiate 1v1’s if you have more than 100 Aimlabs friends
  • Fixed Training Tab Mini Leaderboards not accurately displaying placements if switching between Tasks rapidly

Additional Improvements

  • You can now load new bots into Creator Studio even if they weren’t loaded when initially saving the Task
  • We’ve hidden unreleased/test gun skins from the Edit Loadout menu
  • You can now successfully make in-game purchases even if you switch Aimlabs accounts
  • Added a Manage Subscription button for Aimlabs+ Members
  • Updated error message for “Access Token Is Invalid” to provide an immediate solution
  • Minor adjustments to Mini Leaderboard design to better fit on the Training Tab
  • Fixed select Carousel items failing to display in the Lobby
  • Minor changes/fixes to FTUE
  • Updated to a newer version of Unity for improved stability and future-proofing

Be on the lookout for upcoming releases with more cool new features and upgrades! And thank you for your ongoing support and continuing to report bugs and provide feedback, it helps us make Aimlabs better and more fun for everyone

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